Welcome on collector's site of tea caddies

This personal site serve as presentation of my tea caddies collection. It's my pleasure to introduce you nearly 2.400 different tea caddies from the whole world. The large sets are from Twinings, Jacksons of Piccadilly and Lipton. Everybody who can give me more information about tea caddies and their producers, please be so kind and contact me. Thanks for your visit, enjoy your stay.

Some information about my collection - 31.03.2010:
2.393 tea caddies (2.315 tins, 62 wooden, 8 ceramic, 7 paper/plastic, 1 cane)
304 producers (299 Twinings, 124 Jacksons of Piccadilly, 99 Lipton)
45 countries (1.056 Great Britain, 363 Sri Lanka, 210 Germany)

Collector: Mr. Petr Vnoucek, Czech Republic, Europe

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